Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stock Exchange DC 6.30.07

Stock Exchange DC, which was organized by Sean Gallagher, was a really nice event that took place yestersay at the Rock & Roll Hotel on H Street in DC. There were live DJs, sneaker displays, retailers, clothing lines and free giveaways.

GET DIZZY was one of the stores that participated and our display got a great reaction from many of the visitors. To see some of the photography from a GET DIZZY perspective, check out DIZZY's PICS. More photography was done by my man EXTRA, and can be seen here: EXTRA's PICS

Shoutouts to Sean Gallagher, Hofe Clothing, Aplomb Clothing, Wale, Anthony Gilbert, Ian, Neran D and Kickballers, Commonwealth, Gentei, Vitamin Water, and everyone else that showed us love at the event...

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