Sunday, July 15, 2007

NT/ISS Summit and Palace5 Party 07.14.07

Ok, so I dropped through the DC ESPN Zone with a couple of my boys to check out the NT/ISS Summit. As expected, everyone had on their hottest kicks and cameras were flashing the entire time. It was fun tho...I'm still waiting for a worthy opponent in air hockey and the basketball shootout. Here's some of the pics...

Some of the shoes.

Get Dizzy and Timbo.

Me and Timbo shooting for big bucks.

Pat and Paulo racing...

Me and Tisha.

Me and Domo.

Here are the summit pics from my man EXTRA: NT/ISS Summit Pics

Afterward, we stopped by the party at Palace Five, the new store in DC by the owners of Elite Boardshop. The setup was crazy...very spacious, nice displays, and comfortable couches. There was a DJ, live drummer, and free drinks courtesy of the good folks at Vitamin Water. Shoutout to my dude Stevie Williams (Reebok, DGK skateboarder).

Live Drummer and sick displays...

Paulo and Domo chillin...

Pat, Dizzy, Shortypop...

GET DIZZY x Stevie Williams (Reebok, DGK)

Some pretty ladies displaying some decks and custom sneakers.


Anonymous said...

that girl "domo" is on point

Anonymous said...

i know you got there Myspaces lol
link them all to me ;)

Sais said...

i was at that place like 2 years ago for a md summit lol

Anonymous said...

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