Sunday, July 15, 2007

NT/ISS Summit and Palace5 Party 07.14.07

Ok, so I dropped through the DC ESPN Zone with a couple of my boys to check out the NT/ISS Summit. As expected, everyone had on their hottest kicks and cameras were flashing the entire time. It was fun tho...I'm still waiting for a worthy opponent in air hockey and the basketball shootout. Here's some of the pics...

Some of the shoes.

Get Dizzy and Timbo.

Me and Timbo shooting for big bucks.

Pat and Paulo racing...

Me and Tisha.

Me and Domo.

Here are the summit pics from my man EXTRA: NT/ISS Summit Pics

Afterward, we stopped by the party at Palace Five, the new store in DC by the owners of Elite Boardshop. The setup was crazy...very spacious, nice displays, and comfortable couches. There was a DJ, live drummer, and free drinks courtesy of the good folks at Vitamin Water. Shoutout to my dude Stevie Williams (Reebok, DGK skateboarder).

Live Drummer and sick displays...

Paulo and Domo chillin...

Pat, Dizzy, Shortypop...

GET DIZZY x Stevie Williams (Reebok, DGK)

Some pretty ladies displaying some decks and custom sneakers.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A Trip Up Top...NYC 07.12.07

I made a trip up to NYC for the day just to chill, shop, and check in on a few people. Bought a couple things, took a couple pictures, you know the deal...

NYPD...don't act up!

Random skyline slam...

My dude AG at Goliath.

Subway slammin, D train.

Jamba Juice x DIZZY.

My little lady.

Broadway, West Side Highway...

Photogenic pigeons.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Download Wale's "100 Miles and Running" Mixtape

CLICK HERE to download it.

This Mixtape is his third, following "Paint-a-Picture" and "Hate is the New Love". The mixtape will be available for download online and can be purchased at Commonwealth (DC), Kickballers (DC), District 51 (DC), Social Studies (MD), Get Dizzy (MD), Atmos (NYC), Goliath (NYC) and Undefeated (LA) for $5.

It will also be featured on Mixtape Mondays on MTV for Monday, July 16th.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stock Exchange DC 6.30.07

Stock Exchange DC, which was organized by Sean Gallagher, was a really nice event that took place yestersay at the Rock & Roll Hotel on H Street in DC. There were live DJs, sneaker displays, retailers, clothing lines and free giveaways.

GET DIZZY was one of the stores that participated and our display got a great reaction from many of the visitors. To see some of the photography from a GET DIZZY perspective, check out DIZZY's PICS. More photography was done by my man EXTRA, and can be seen here: EXTRA's PICS

Shoutouts to Sean Gallagher, Hofe Clothing, Aplomb Clothing, Wale, Anthony Gilbert, Ian, Neran D and Kickballers, Commonwealth, Gentei, Vitamin Water, and everyone else that showed us love at the event...