Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jordan XV Retros...2 months early!

I just got in the Jordan 15 Retros that are set to release on November 15th. Jordan Brand had labeled these an Online Only release meaning that they will only be available on http://www.jumpman23.com/, however there has been some conflicting information regarding the availability of this release.

Either way, I have them now, so save yourself the hassle and hit me up...

They are priced at $200 for local buyers and $225 shipped. Get em while they're hot!


BRAY~HOV said...

how much i?? want em

reDICKulous said...

One of my favs. damn i was in the 8th grade, and the prettiest girl in my class had 'em and i had the garnett III's... ok enough memory lane!

amanda lynn said...

im tryan to cop these please get back to meeee

Anonymous said...

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